=== User Manual - PROTECTOR 850cz

Dear Customer,

thank you that you have purchased equipment Protector 850cz. This unique product is a universal tool for the driver and was developed based on years of experience in the industry and fills a significant gap in the market by bringing a range of new and yet nowhere in the field of unused functions, parameters and options. During the development of Protector care has been taken in particular the specific requirements of users from the Czech Republic. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to use it elsewhere in Europe, on the contrary. We tried to develop the best product, functioning well in the Czech Republic but also in other European countries. Protector device is composed of several "modules" that can be arbitrarily combined. Protector of the radar uses the most advanced methods for suppression of false alarms is the absolute leader in radar detection on Ka band used primarily in the CR and of course, excels in the detection of bands that used the police in other European countries. Radar section for this purpose using a revised Technology world leader in the industry - Beltronics.

Protector as the only control on the world's best selling laser systems (parking assistants, or opening the garage door) and their function even improved!
Sure you are interested in a few other features such as integrated GPS log book, GPS, radar database and other important points, voice signaling in the Czech language, the possibility of totally discreet installation, 100% legality across the EU, and many others. Setting all parameters

Protector is a simple and intuitive PC program, allowing the user to bring unexpected comforts and individual settings.
We believe that this unique product in the world, you will be satisfied and do you drive many miles undisturbed. Warning: When you use this device and nothing anyone does not violate traffic laws, especially speed limits on roads and expressways

If you have any questions, please contact your authorized dealer.

=== CONTENTS Protector Set === equipment includes:
  • 1 radar antenna with 3.5 m cable and connector
  • 1x GPS antenna with 1.5 m cable and Connector
  • 1 Main control unit
  • 1 control unit with an embedded GPS SD Card
  • 1 x 2 m cable connecting the two controllers
  • 1x Power cable with connector
  • 1 Multifunction button with 1.5 m cable and Connector
  • 1x Speaker with 1.5 m cable and Connector
  • 1x Universal mount the radar antenna
  • 1 Fasteners for mounting the antenna
  • 1x SD card with configuration files, the control program and manuals


  • Once the Protector module captures radar microwave radar signal transmitted by the police, the audible alarm will sound accompanied by voice warning: "Ka / K radar." LED on the control button changes color from green to flashing red warning sound and the intensity of which increases appropriately according to the intensity of the received signal.


/ parking assist (optional):
  • Once Protector intercepts the laser beam transmitted from the laser gun, the buzzer sounded, accompanied by a voice warning: "Laser". If you have set for 1-9 seconds to interference, either wait for the automatic shutdown of interference, or like when you set a permanent disturbance to deactivate the laser module (30 seconds) by pressing the control button. (Set the length of interference in the PC program to change the SD card.)

  • Protector obviously knows how to interpret the parking assist function if this function enables the laser module.

=== MODULE GPS - Logbook
  • Protector GPS module continuously stores all operational data, complete information about the position, speed, etc. With these data in conjunction with a program for creating log book is a great asset for the purposes of tax records. Of course there is a choice of private or business trips in the menu of equipment, but also included a complete turn off this feature.

Controller continuously compares the current GPS location to store the database and informs the user about important places. Reports for each category of notice from the GPS database can easily disable or modify any database. There is also a simple database updates from the Internet via a PC program. Protector points such as:
  • Segmental speed (message: "Attention, segmental measurements"). When speeding in the timed section have advised (warning can be disabled) and measured section after you have information about your average speed (warning can be disabled).
  • Never do you happen to miss the orange! The database contains points where automatic control made driving a red and a prefix to the place you will always be informed voice warning "to the red camera."
  • Stationary radars (message: "stationary radar"), if you pass the place where the stationary radar, Protector of it you will be informed in good time and you will be able to continuously adapt their speed.
  • Places frequent measurements: (voice warning: "Instead of frequent measurement"), Protector you will always be informed in advance about the places of frequent measurements. You will also be informed if you pass through places and frequent patrols around stations MP and PCR.
  • Possibility to save your own GPS points into your Protector.

  • If you arrive as a postal offense and you are not sure whether you have committed an offense, you can easily verify it. Within a few seconds after inserting the SD card from your device to your PC to see how fast your vehicle is moving and whether the relevant times, the alleged site located at all. Of course there are also data on whether the on-site at this time actually measured speed.



radar and laser alarm
  • Protector identified two preset volume levels. Standard and tlumennou. Loud will alert (operational volume) of an approaching speed (radar and laser warning is different). Along with this warning is flashing red LED on the control button. During an alarm, you can press this button briefly to reduce the volume of the alarm to "muted" when this button repeatedly zmáčněte briefly, turn off the audio messages and alerts to specific radar - MUTE function, the laser also deactivate the alarm, this laser module (30 seconds). < br />The next alarm will of course be interpreted again in the original (operating) volume. If you have the operational and tlumennou volume set of the same value as during the first button turns off the audio message - function mute / disable the laser module.

Preset ===

  • When approaching a point whose coordinates are stored in a database on the SD card, the device will warn you that zooming in to that place a voice warning - the name specific point, for example, is "Attention, segmental measurements" or "stationary radar ".

=== Device Control


  • Protector is activated when you start the vehicle or using a short-button (according to the car). After each time you play the audio device startup sequence. During startup the LED lights red, and after a successful launch, once the device is ready for use, the LED changes color to light up green.

  • Protector off make off the ignition key or hold down the control key (according to the car). When the device off by pressing the message prompts you Protector, "switching off". When you hear this warning, you release the button and the device turns off.

  • (All features available from the user menu (other functions) can be easily changed using the PC program stored on the SD card and placed in your GPS unit. Simply insert the SD card into your computer and run the program that you intuitively through all setting).

  • The user menu by pressing and holding the control key (when the device is powered) - LED lights up red. Protector words will always report function that can be changed. The moment you release the control button will change the function, the device will then switch back to standard mode and the LED turns green. Equipment can always change confirms the confirmation message. The user menu is gradually "scroll" and you can change the following features:


After holding down the device you first voice warns: "Turn off device." When you hear this warning, you release the control button and the device is deactivated. If not let go of the button, continue to the next function.


in the user menu item "Change volume": You can choose between standard and tlumennou. After releasing the button will notify the facility either "standard" or "tlumenná" and then "settings are saved." This setting is especially useful if you travel with the sleeping children, or if you do not want to be too Protector interference.


Protector allows you to store GPS coordinates of points on your journey. If you find a place you want to be reminded again in the future, simply press and hold the button until the Protector says "save the GPS position." Then release the button, GPS coordinates are stored in your database to your SD card. GPS coordinates stored position agrees with the current vehicle position when the first button (input into the menu).


in the user menu item "Set filter": You can select "No", "Moderate" and "strong". This setting is particularly useful for driving in places with higher rates of microwave noise (especially if you have activated the radar band for Europe, where there are more unwanted microwave sources - false positives. Keep in mind that the stronger you have activated a filter, the worse detection will be in a real radar.


item "Toggle radar zone": You can choose between two options: "The Czech and Slovak Republics', then 'Europe'. This function is used to turn on / off certain radar bands, as used in the CR zone other than in other European countries.

IMPORTANT: When you set the radar detector for Europe zone, activates the "K-band." In this work zone and other devices that may cause more false alarms.


in the user menu item "Change trip type": You can choose between private and business travel. After releasing the button will notify the facility either "business trip" or "sourkomá ride." This setting is especially useful for elektronicské log book.


This message serves only to exit the menu, select jejho not change any settings.

=== DEACTIVATION additional modules

In some countries the use of laser or radar modules, Protector, or even illegal interpretation of the GPS points. Therefore Protector can permanently disable these features to ensure the legality of the entire system for cases such as travel abroad.

  • Travel to countries where it is prohibited to use laser modules, please disable this module 4-me quick push of the button control.

  • Travel to countries where it is prohibited to use radar and laser modules, please disable this module is a 6-fast remote control button presses.

  • Travel to countries where it is forbidden to use the GPS functions Protector, the entire device to disable 8-me quick push of the button control.

Normally, the LED on the control button Protector green when the LED flashes, it means that some of the modules is deactivated. Reactivate the program do Protector Tools in setting the appropriate modules.

  • Protector Most functions can be easily changed according to the "User Menu". complicated setting is best done using PC Tools Protector program stored on the SD card installed in your GPS unit. Simply insert the SD card into your computer and run the program that you intuitively through all settings. More information on setting using Protector Protector Tools Read the "Help Program" .

nastaveí Some changes in the laser module by using Protector Tools require a "reprogramming" of laser module. This reprogramming will automatically start Protector and takes approximately 5 minutes. The re-programming will be notified message "Wait, Starting reprogramming the laser module." and "Setting, setting, setting ...". Message "Settings saved." indicates that the reprogramming was successful and the Protector is now again ready for normal use.

Electronic log book

  • Protector automatically saved to the SD card into the folder log. coordinates of your journeys, you can then view the log book program supported by "Speedy". Demo log book can be downloaded for free at www.kamar.sk.
    Note: The demo program log book "Speedy" is only intended for testing and therefore it according to the instructions in the program or www.sksoft.cz or www.kamar.sk fee of approx. CZK 800 to register the full version that will ensure the highest possible comfort and full functionality.

  • Difference in use of equipment with activated electronic book of rides and equipment without a logbook is activated only in the fact that (according to the facelift and the total time rides) are gradually filling the log file data that is stored on the SD card. If the state where you report the Protector words the phrase "Attention, approaching the full card, replacement card please" and after some time, "Watch out, the card is full, please remove the card" (this is indicated by a red indicator on the multifunction button) be due to the additional functionality of log book card from the GPS unit removed, insert the SD card reader on your PC and read it into the log book. Then filled the log file. a new play set that can easily generate Protector Tools program stored on your SD card. When you load about 5 hours driving a day, you sufficient capacity SD card for longer than 1 year of operation.

  • After installing the recommended log book to register the full version. For testing (with some restrictions) but also functional demo. Installed to run the log book and subsequently on the top box you will find GPS Untick the "Import GPS data." After the opening screen "import gps data", click the arrow in the box to load the GPS data and select "NMEA an img file format". After clicking on the box "GPS data loading" screen will open "GPS Input File" and now you need an arrow to find the proper drive with SD card inserted in it and find the file log.img with stored data. He and choose to click an item in the dialogue OK. In demo you will see a window that has a defective vehicle license plate, re-open the screen and Untick "import gps data" click on the cars and choose one item to "Porsche 911" and select OK. Then click the box "create GPS tours" and now the program works all by itself. For further operation, we recommend reading the instruction manual logbook.


=== LOSS OF COMMUNICATION WITH microwave antennas
  • If the control unit stops receiving data from the radar antenna (radar module), for example because of disconnected, damaged wiring, or faulty radar antenna, will notice loss of communication with the module, saying, "I have no signal from the radar antenna." Control key is red.

  • Main control unit loses contact with GPS antenna (disconnected, damaged or defective wiring GPS) or GPS control unit, also will notice defects words "I have no contact with the GPS antenna." Control button turns red again.

  • If the control unit in the GPS SD card inserted with appropriate data content, or the card is damaged, pulled, or is it "cake" is set write protection is declared error message "error card". Control button lights up red .


Protector behaves according to the above described disturbances or abnormally and are unsure how to solve the problem using the button to turn off and prefer to solve the problem please contact the dealer or assembly center where the equipment was installed. DISABLED ===

additional module
  • If you happen to Protector control button is not lit green but flashing at regular intervals, you have disabled some of the additional modules (radar, laser). Reactivate the program do Protector Tools in setting the appropriate modules.

  • The production and distribution prior to the Protector passed several checks to ensure its 100% functionality, maximum quality and reliability. The whole device is obviously warranted for 24 months and is valid from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation, wiring or any mechanical damage.


RADAR MODULE Frequency bands === radar module
  • X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Ka Narrow 34.0, 34.3, 34.7 and 35.5 GHz ± 80 MHz

=== SETTING FOR THE CZECH AND SLOVAK REPUBLIC Implicitly activated === band radar module:
  • Narrow 34.0 Ka, 34.3 GHz ± 80 MHz

=== SET FOR EUROPE Implicitly activated === band radar module:
  • K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Narrow 34.0 Ka, 34.3 GHz ± 80 MHz

  • Supply voltage: 11 to 16V DCA) Sleep when taking off button / standby mode / cca.12mA
  • Power consumption On mode: approx. 300 mA
  • Maximum current consumption in alarm: 450mm / max
  • Output mute switches on the floor in alarm max load: 50 mA / 14.5 V
  • Disconnect connector radar antenna, GPS antenna and radar antenna itself meet the standard of protection: IP67 (waterproof)
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +70 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -30 to +80 ° C
Dimensions ===
  • Radar antenna: 95.6x79.8x93.0mm
  • GPS Antenna: 60x60x90mm
  • Control Unit: 21x90x65mm
  • GPS Controller: 21x57x73mm
  • User control buttons: o 18x6mm
  • Speaker: 670x740x31mm